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Dip your pen in the company ink with this card-based adventure game. Find heroes, assemble a powerful party, and get ready to fill your weekdays with battles and quests!


Quick Pitch

Desk Deck Heroes is a roguelite deckbuilder with elements from management sims and dating sims! Manage the party’s funds and build a relationship with your favorite heroes.​

The Premise

Zila the Warlock, a mythical and infamous witch, has been released from her eternal prison and has made almost every hero of the Royal Kingdom vanish!

In a desperate attempt to retrieve its missing heroes and stop Zila, the Savers Guild hires you as their new Remote Coordinator™! Your job will be to find and recruit heroes, lead them through quests and battles, and manage your party’s funds.

Target Platforms

We're currently only announcing Steam.

Release & Development

No release window to announce yet. The game is currently in pre-alpha and we're actively looking for a publishing partner.


We're aiming for runs to take approximately an hour and a half to complete, with battles taking roughly 4 minutes each.


There will be 20 heroes in total you'll be able to rescue and add to your party of 4 each run. Many other unlockable things will become available for your upcoming runs.


* Click on the key art and logo above to save them.

Reveal Trailer


Discover the world of Born of Bread for the first time or dive back in!

Start your new job as a Remote Coordinator™ by choosing one hero from your pool of unlocked heroes and assigning them as the leader of your party. Each one has a passive leader ability and their own set of cards, representing their attacks, defensive maneuvers, and special moves. You’ll get 8 in-game weeks to assemble a party of 4 heroes and make them strong enough to take on Zila in battle. During the weekdays, you’ll need to choose quests for your party to complete. These can involve fights against kooky monsters, fun narrative events, or simply a visit to a shop. But be mindful of your funds; a cost is associated with each quest and the rewards are not always easy to predict!

After a week of hard work, relax during your weekend and get a chance to chat directly with the heroes in your party. By using their cards and sending them messages, you’ll grow your relationship with them… and maybe fall in love? Or not. It’s up to you!


Feel the nostalgia of glossy buttons, optimistic futurism, and Aero Frutiger design! We're aiming to call back to the look and feel of software from the 2000s with our UI since we grew up on it and felt it was a cool way to stand out from other deckbuilders on the market. The playful tone also works very well with our eclectic cast of heroes and characters!

Screenshots & Media Assets

About us

We're a team of 4 French Canadians and Desk Deck Heroes will be our second big production! Last December, Born of Bread was released and published by Dear Villagers on PC, Switch, PS5, and Xbox Series S|X. It's a turn-based RPG inspired by the Paper Mario series featuring a flour golem destined to save the world from an ancient evil.

It was a challenging production, but we're very proud of the end product and we didn't feel like saying goodbye to the world and characters we created in Born of Bread just yet. Desk Deck Heroes takes place 6 years after the events of our last game and a lot of things have changed since then! We hope returning players will be as excited as us to see how characters have evolved and to meet new ones. New players shouldn't worry though, as we're also making sure Desk Deck Heroes can be fully enjoyed without needing to be familiar with Born of Bread.

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