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About Us

We're a team of French Canadians who dream of bringing fantastical worlds, memorable characters, and fun gameplay to you through the remarkable and unique medium of video games.

Games are unique because they have the best attribute a medium can have: interactivity. When properly integrated, it allows players to organically create their own stories through gameplay while keeping it fun and interesting. Everyone plays games in their own way: they are unique and we find that beautiful.

We started a little horror project back in early 2016, with a team of two, and aimed to make it our first published game. After a rocky development cycle through assignments and exams, Helltown was finally released toward the end of 2017.

Flash-forward a couple of years later, we've got a lot more experience under our belts! We now have our sights on a far more ambitious project: a fully-fledged RPG inspired by the Paper Mario games.

Will you join us on our adventures? Alright, let's get to it.


Lead Designer


Art Director


Level Artist


3D Artist


Moral Support

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